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Forough Farrokhzad: The Sad Little Fairy

Remembrance of a Day
Dies Irae
The Shower of Your Hair
Portrait of Forough
Elegy, for her
Conquest of the Garden
Green Mirage
The bird was just a bird
Later on
My Beloved
The bird may die
The wind will take us away
Only the sound will last
The Wave
The Gift
Someone who is like no one
One day Ali told his mom

“Nobody will introduce me to the sun,

Nobody will take me to the gathering of doves.

Keep the flight in mind-The bird may die.”

English Translation of Forough's Poetry

The Sad Little Fairy

Forough Farrokhzad (January 5, 1935 — February 13, 1967) is considered the most famous of contemporary Iranian poets. She not only contributed to the modernisation of Persian poetry tradition but also to the evolution of Iranian popular culture. Her outstanding lucidity and her courage in going beyond cultural taboos provided her poetry with an inimitable originality. 


One can say that she benefited from the revolutionary circumstances of Iranian social reconstruction of 1940s and afterward to to experiement with the idea of a redefinition of boundries posed by tradition and  indoctrination.


Her poems are both emotionally and intellectually rich  and leave readers impressed with her ability to think her feelings and her passion in feeling deeply and truthfully. These unique attributes make her poetry full of thoughtful messages. Her use of language is original and aesthetic in the sense that she is able to create personal expressions.


It is so that she is justly believed to be the most influential poet of Persian language in 20th century.


She is unfairly unknown to English poetry readers because of the lack of proper translation. This website is an undertaking aimed at not only commemorating but also introducing her to English readers.


Maryam Dilmaghani


Montréal, December 29,  2006.

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